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It Will Come

Tarrus Riley

My girl said
Why don't you go get a job
That's what she asks me everyday
And she says
Music is not no real work
So I have nothing to say
And she seh
Wah mek yu hafi go rehearsal everyday
Wah mek yu haffi go a studio
Pan mi birthday
When was the last time you came home
before midnight
And I said to her

Baby one day you will overstan
I'm only a man working hard for my family
And though rewards may not come right away
Have some faith this I know
it will come it will come...it will come

She seh it will come
Can you give me a day or a time
Or betta yet, do you mind telling all of your plans to the landlord
And she seh
I have no faith and I won't even pretend
And by the way do you remember
Tomorrow is rent
You say you love me alot but that can't put food inna pot...no way

Then I say, all I ask of you is take your time you might wake the child even though you're angry
Though rewards may not come right away have some faith this I know
it will come it will come it must come

If you would only help me in our persuit for happiness
Then you wouldn't have to worry no more, no more
Try and remember when we met we were so happy yes
Help me bring back those days, those days will come it will come believe me it will come will come baby it will come it will come it will come things will be better it will come
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