Through Life Alone

Tatyana Ali

You said a little time is all you need. You told me that you're still young and there's so much more youwanna see. You said you wanted to be alone to get into yourself. So I'm just supposed to let you go. And pretend my heart don't hurt like hell. Boy, it hurts me. That you wanna be free. Baby, if there's nothing I can't say That'll make you want to stay with me. Refrain: Can you please answer this before you go? How am I supposed to go through life alone? Where am I to run for love if you're no longer home? How can I continue going through life alone? Boy I thought that you were my best friend. You used to promise me your fidelity would never end. Now you say you need your space to grow. You wanna give back my heart but I give my love to only you. I don't want to make a brand new start. You were all my mine for all this time. But baby if there's nothing I can't do that'll make you want tochange your mind... Refrain. You're so special to me. The thought of you leaving is killing me. Please, tell me what do I do now? 'Cuz livin' without your love, I don't know how. I don't... Refrain x 2

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