Oh My God!


Hey girl it's Shayla oh my god, have I got a story for you!
I got a call from my agency and they asked me to play at this club
you are never gonna believe the shit that I had to go through
oh my god!

So anyway, I'm walking to the club
and as I approach this massive line up a front
I walk up to this big fat guy at the door and introduce myself
He was like "Look, stop wasting my time,
and line up just like everybody else"
I was like "What?! I'm wasting your time?! Motherfucker, You're wasting my time!
I'm supposed to be playing in 15 minutes,
why don't you go and check with your manager, okay!?"
oh my god!

oh my god!

He turns around and point his fucking finger to the back of the line,
and guess what, I had to line up for a fucking half hour
I eventually made my way into the club and I look around and I was like
"Where the fuck is the DJ booth?!"
I finally found the guy that was playing 5th to me
"You're late!"
I can't believe he spoke to me like that.
What is everybody's problem?
oh my god!

So I get my shit together and I start playing my favorite track,
and then the whole dance floor stops
and everybody was staring at me
Meanwhile the club owner approaches me and says "excuse me,
can you please stop playing the junk, because nobody likes that kinda music in here"
I was like "What do you want me to do?"
I didn't have anything else to play
So he goes to the backroom
and brings me a whole box of commercial shit for me to play and goes
"Here you go, sweetheart. You can play these"
God, that was truly the shittiest freakin' club that I had ever played at
Oh my god!
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