Love Is The Power

Teddy Pendergrass

It's been a long time comming
You brought my love back to life
With your lovley smile, baby
Shearched the world over
There is no other I rather love than now

Since you came and brought me love
You easred all the hurt and the pain I've known

And I'm still in need of you
Bring that back to life baby
Your love is the power baby

(Your love, your love)
Love is the power, this is the hour
The moment, the minute
(Your love is the power baby)
This is the hour
The moment, the minute

I turned the world over
Round and round again
Trying to find the one to be
My angel heaven sent
Then you brighten up my life
Girl you make my whole world right
You are the one
You're my everything baby
Cause when I turn to you
You knew how to love me
(You love me, you love me)
You gave me my dream and my song
How I long to sing
See now I'm not so alone
I keep it living in my heart baby
I can feel it way down deep in my soul

It's the moment, it's the minute
I wanna tell you about your love oh yes I do
It's the moment, it's the minute
See now it's the time to give you all my loving, awww yes it is
It's the moment it's the minute
And I don't mind giving you just what you need
My, my, my, my

Music breaks
Come back to the chorus
Oh, yeah, yeah

I don't mind telling the world about
How you make me feel see
See I, I, I searched the world over
Over and over and over again
But I never found nobody like you
Aaaaaw, that, that can do all of the things
That you do that you do, that you do, that you do!
Aww, aww, aww baby
And every time that we make love
I can feel the chills
Running up and down my spine
Oh yes I do
I love it, I want it, I need it!
Right now, right now!
Right now I feel the need of you
I want you baby, I need you baby
I got so many things in my mind
So many things I wanna try
Right now, right here, with you!
You and me, me and you
You don't know what you do to me baby
But I don't mind, I'll tell the whole world
About this thing
I never felt like this before
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