Meant To Be (Reprise

Teen Beach Movie 2

You're my someone who is lovely
You are wonderful and true

You're the boy who makes me smile
Even when I'm feeling blue

[Mack and Brady]
I'm so lucky that I found you
Most definitely

Oh yeah

Not a phony, or a fake
Sweeter than a chocolate shake

[Mack and Brady]
My meant to be

When it’s meant to be
You go kinda crazy
Meant to be
You forget your own name

When it’s meant to be
It’s destiny callin’
And nothing ever will be the same

Our eyes meet
It's so sweet
And I couldn't ask for more

If this is real
The way I feel
Is something I never felt before

When it’s meant to be!
The stars seem to glisten!
Meant to be!
The clouds depart
When it’s meant to be!
That’s destiny callin'
And if you listen you’ll find your heart!
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