Lonely man
in a lonely town yeah
Key words: overseas factor
Heavy duty
Love you baby
Now I'm ready
I'm ready for the duty
Love is calling upon us to perform
And as I take in your sweet perfume
Love is waiting... love
Overseas factor
Heavy duty
I wonder if we're gonna vibrate close
You know...
I mean...
Will our vibrations, our vibrations, be close?
Like a couple of words...
You know... how they make a rhyme?
Love you baby.....love
Love you baby.....love
That old blue dress...
It's about wore out
But you look so good and happy
I could just...
I could scream and shout
Love you baby... love
Overseas factor
Heavy duty
Heavy duty
Love... baby
Key words:
Lonely man lonely town
I could feel...
I could feel...
I could feel it...
Feel it...
Love you so...
Love you so
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