A Song For a Distant Land

Tempus Fugit

When all the dreams were over
We finally came back home
With the morning light in our eyes
Though we can´t stand it

Demon knights laughed over the hills
While the god´s army was crawling
On the wet sand, on the wet sand

We hoped to find a hideway from the evil
But in our hearts, we knew they´d find us

We cry for a distant place
We cry high for a vanished race
We sing this song at the end
A song for a distant land

Uncertainty and fear grow in our minds
Feeding the devil, came from from inside
There´s no place to lay down and die
Tears are falling and we can´t hide

There´s a legend of a fallen angel
The legend says: "a angel lost his faith"
He forgot the word
And wasted souls
Of men and women who believed in him

Now this angel has to pay

Warriors and preachers raise up their weapons
The wind is blowing, but it isn´t fresh
We can´t build castles in the sand, anymore
Just stare at this wasteland
While we wait for judgement day

We cry
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