I Confess

Tenth Avenue North

I try to linger in the sunlight
Every day I’m alive
But at night, the restlessness takes over
And I’m scared of what’s inside

I confess, I admit, I look for life outside of You
I repent, I’m coming back to the only joy that’s true
I don’t want to look in a stranger’s eyes
When I come into this place
Let me grow familiar with the lines
The lines upon Your face

One thing is all I will ask You
To feel my heart satisfied
To know You, trust You, love and behold You
Savior, only You are kind

The lines on Your face
See the lines on Your face

Yesterday felt like it would never end
I couldn’t confess, so I kept on falling

Yeah, I kept on falling
Oh, keep me from falling

I wanna look in Your eyes
I wanna look in Your eyes

Yesterday felt like it would never end
But now I’m coming back
Lord, keep me from falling
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