So amazing


[DJ Premier:] "I'll tell you this much, you know a good thing when you see it"
"We gotta, move to a different place"
[Termanology:] Uh hun
[DJ Premier: scratching]
"Are you ready"
"Are you listening, do you know what I sayin'"
[Termanology] One two
[DJ Premier: ] "Ter-Ter-Ter"
[Jadakiss:] "Tryin' to tell 'em that is the flow son... "

[Verse 1: Termanology]
Scratch Magazines had the flows untimely
Then they ask why have an Eminem sign me
Ask myself the same question everyday
Well, I'm sweatin', still baggin' up grams of Bouday
Yo, Jay
You should hit me up
Cause I can go to the Roc or Roc La Familia
Bring that stock up
You could stock up
On a couple platinum plaques, I throw the Roc up
Just some shit I thought up
But it probably works
So hit me if you need some quality work
I'm the most underrated
Unsigned new cat to rap
See, I hit every label up
They said, "Damn, you could rhyme
You the best cat out we can't sign"
Well, that's fine
Cause I'm a remember
Each and every one of y'all faces when I make it

[Chorus: DJ Premier]
[Big L:] "I'm deadly when I pull the pin out"
[Pos:] "Every word I say should be a hip hop quotable"
[Jay-Z:] "The flow's so amazing, nigga"

[Verse 2:]
Who you know makes in a turn, riddle me this
If you don't say Rakim, you better say Kiss
Styles P
Kool G or Pac
Anybody else, I put 'em up in the box
They say
Lyrically, I'm the new AZ
Cause if I really wanted to, I could keep up with Nas
Term is like Earth, Wind & Fire
Rims and tires
But you can't ask people, they buy ya
So I'm the flyest sire of this side of Elmyra
I'll walk past papayas and into the fire
Chillin' with Mya
Crushin' Mariah
While I'm, fuckin' with Tyra, you fuckin' the virii
I got
Latino respect like Carlito
Way back with Stretch and Babido
I'm in the lab, it's just me and Primo
The ghost of James Brown and the soul of Chris Rios

[Chorus x2]

[Verse 3:]
Puff hear this?
Take a meeting the next day
I won't say shit, I just tell them to Press Play
Yo, Dre
You should hit me with some beats
I'll write the whole Detox in one week
The sun rises in the east
But it sets in the west
So I ain't got an S on my chest
I'm the best new artist, out that's on the market
Who you think your girl feeling up the iPod with
You give me a mil? I turn into 50
Watch me diss every muh'fucker who ever diss me
My kicks is crispy, sippin' on a Formula 50
Bitches sayin' when I'm tourin', they miss me
I'm so Ludacris, I could be D.T.P.
Get it crunked like TVT
These A&R's hear me, they gon' lose it
Man, it's just Common Sense, it's good music


[DJ Premier: scratching]
"I'm-I'm deadly when I pull the pin out"
"The-the flow's so-so a-mazing"
"Ter-man-ology... "
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