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How We Need The River

Terry Macalmon

Lord, I thirst for You
There is no one else who satisfies
My soul, it longs for you
Like the deer panting for the water
Now, I wait for You
Take me to Your courts of glory
Fall upon me Lord
Give me strength to help me stand
In this dry and weary land

How e need the river
How we need the rain
Living water flow to us again, we pray
Shower down Your glory
Shower down Your grace
Let Your holy presence fill this place

Deep calls unto deep
Lord, we seek to know Your glory
For there is only You
And our hearts cry Abba Father
Now Lord Jesus, come
May Your Love and grace restore us
Breathe upon us, Lord
Let Your mercies be brand new
Let the whole earth worship You

Jesus, free us to worship in Spirit & truth
Heal us reveal to us Your Power

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