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Of Matter


I'm a surrogate
I'm archetypal and itinerant
I'm your excuse to long
For a superior
I will undertake
I will overcome

Imperfection you will find
Look close enough
Tear off the mask I need
This endeavor is not mine
You subject me to the daggers you conceive
I'm stronger than I was before
Thus you reinforce these walls
I can't fight you anymore
Threatened by the open door
All the chances I ignore
I can't stand still anymore

The day is done
Nothing left to say
Resting head in hands
Wishing I had known my place
To take a stand
The errand of a fool
I'm not to reprimand
I'm here to help you through

Is nothing like it seems?
Living in this sequence, a dream
Is nothing like it seems?
Gather broken shards of self esteem

Burning bridges as I cower beneath
Trying to salvage the debris
My devotion
Tied around your waist lest you fall
No one seems to sense the strain
No one seems to know

I don't begin to proclaim that I know
I can't continue down this road
Dwelling on what has come to pass
No force alive will bring it back
I would know

I can feel the pressure getting steeper with every life lost
You hore that I won't see the light of day in time to come
With no conviction founded
Just judgement contorted based on lust
Give me strength

Your assumption brings to a conclusion of no consequence
And I refuse to play into your hands your appeal
Inadequate, inadequate...
I know, I know, I know, I know...
I've hoped, I've hoped, you'll see me

Turn back time
Reason why
Break neck speed
Waiting (waiting), waning (waning)
Hoping forever

No! I tried to settle bets with my own soul
Bless my lips for the first time before you don't
Gripping to the last touch of your hand I grow to loathe
Hope that you remember just how far I'll go

I'll spend the rest of my life wishing I'm enough
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