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Treasure Hunter

The Aerium

I was thiking how to try to explain
Why I couldn't do this way anymore
When We went together straight up the cliff
I remembered how it had begun long ago.

Lightings flashed and in their light
we all stared at the weird map.
We were so agitated and we heard the ancient call.

We decided unanimously to keep together till
The death or fatal disease doesn't part us...
We decided to be ready to do anything..
And to find the Treasure of Kings.

We travelled far for five long years. Trying hard. Doing best.
We really thought that we were close. Sombre cave, wooden chest.
But every time when another day is gone
I had to say myself that we were wrong.

We prayed a lot and we believed just one step and we're at site.
But at the time when the sun went down I had thoughts I couldn't hide.
We could pretend that we're on the proper way
But we just marked the time from day to day.

And standing on edge of the cliff I thought how to try to explain.
But all my thoughts led to the one, whos that fault was.
Suddenly I had understood that my friends just waited for a chance,
So I took out my gun and broke the silence with two gunshots
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