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Faint Heart Never Won Fair Lady

The Apathy Eulogy

The way that your heart beats
With it's perfect precision in tempo
With mine blurs my vision
So i'll meet you in the middle
Forsaking the facade we've been faking
I know that you're not scared
Of chances
Scared of unseen tomorrows
Of glances
Whether stolen or borrowed
From these coy and charming
So disarming new eyes

And i said you've got some chances to take
Girl don't run away
This isn't fate
It's ambition - a conscious decision
To sever all your ties and become the one that you always hoped to be

One day before children
They'll kick off our shoes
We go swimming in gunpowder park
And we'll stay till dark
And i'll stop to ask: "hey, baby, what you are thinking?"
And then as we lay there i'll kiss you
As our hearts entwine for all this time
At least as long as our situation allows

Please don't lead me on
Your eyes give it away
Don't hold out on me
What your lips won't say

And you're leading me on
Your eyes giving away
Don't hold out on me
What your lips won't say (3x)
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