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Third Time’s the Charm

The Bellrays

I thought I was strong
But not the kind of strong I should be
I thought I could find a way
To make you listen to me

Now I’m here to give up the fight
I couldn’t make wrong things right

Third time’s the charm
Just like the last time
Just like the time before
Third time’s the charm
I struck out big time
Can’t steal home anymore

I looked into the mirror
And found that everything had changed
The glass was empty
And all my words sounded strange

Now I’m here to settle the score
I couldn’t win anymore

Strong wind blowing through
Bring me to my knees
No sound from you
Nothing to believe

The people keep saying
What the people always say
Get up in the morning
And find yourself a brand new day
Now it’s hard to face the shame
I can’t take one last game
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