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Young Men Dead

The Black Angels

Fire for the hills pick up your feet and let's go
Head for the hills pick up steel on your way
And when you find a piece of them in your site
Fire at will, don't you waste no time

Another thought of the unaware
Addiction in disguise

With a drop of blood
You will take them out, for me

Fire from the hills pick up speed and lets go
Fire for real, yeah shoot to kill with no aim
Head for the hills yes eyes on the camp fire glow
Creep up there like a white mink hiding 'n snow

And outta black a figure forms
A soldier in the sky
With a drop of love, trying to set you free

Run for the hills, pick up your feet and let's go
We did our jobs, pick up speed now let's move
The trees can't grow without the sun in their eyes
And we can't live if we're too afraid to die

Hold on tight, yes hold on tight you're too slow
Fire at the breeze that blows these thoughts through our mind
Hire only thieves to steal the thoughts from our heads
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