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Kill Your Idols

The Black Pacific

Kill your idols it's so easy
Stop at nothing to get what you want
Search for answers til your lost completely
Look for something till you find out all hope is gone

Sing your sorrow born to follow
When you're somewhere down on your knees
You take your chances you beg and borrow
Til you're nowhere and you do what you please

Living underground - the way you are
You cannot make a sound - the way you are
One day you'll come around - you won't get far
One day now you will find out you can get out
You're waiting for it now

What's the message, message you're sending?
Now you notice you've got nothing to say
You keep looking for your happy ending
Hioe for something 'til you find out
Whose side you're on
Sink or swallow hope for tomorrow
You keep on wondering when you're gonna live
And now the pressure it just keeps on building
You keep on waiting - wondering when your life begins
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