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A Life Is Fading

The Cold Existence

Memories of eternal emptiness

Crawling in my mind

Suffering minds

Never seems to heal

An open wound
That the dagger once impaled

What once was full of life

Now forever pale and lifeless

So lifeless

Loneliness the ultimate solution

To carelessness

It's the essence of the weak

That no one seems to care

How can this be?

The echoes from my scream

Goes on and on

Can't you hear my call?

From a far and distant place

I walk alone

Looking back in time

To a fractured millenium

Why has the world got blind?

How can we live in lies?

All the hopes

You have given to me

A pale and empty dream!

Just let the darkness fall

Until the end of time

Over a world of living statues

Where everything

Will silently scatter

All these questions

Without any answers

All these conclusions

Without any actions

The wounded one

Makes the tears fall

Back in time

We remember!

Why does history

Repeat it self

Even when everything

Is lost in ruins

I see the pain you feel

Enslaved for power, poverty

What a disgrace for the human race!

(for the human race!)

I see, i bleed for you

Still you turn your back on me

Don't you see life is fading!

Cruelty of life

She slowly turns to dust

Rebirth in sorrow

I am the fallen one.

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