Hold On Pain Ends

The Color Morale

And sometimes
The most beautiful pain in life
Is the kind you can't disguise or hide

And the hard truth about life
If I'm not allowed
To give up on mine
You are not allowed to not even try

One day at a time
You'll have to remake the same decision as the one
I made last night

You and I have already started to die
And now that I understand
Why I've never felt quite so alive
I feel like
I've sang about scars a hundred times
But for the record
I’ve found the reason for mine

And sometimes
We need to find a reason for the pain in our own lives

Mine was you and
I promise this song is a place for the truth
We can’t keep hiding and hurting
I know I’ve tried to

One day at a time
We just might have to remake the decision
Every day for the rest of life

And for the record
I'm in California still writing one day
At a time

And for the record
I refuse to be ashamed of all my scars
You and I are both the same

We've already cheated death so many times
If we’re going to die, why not cheat it again tonight?
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