At Night

The Crimson Ghosts

Oh so fast time passed away
Sun is daying like everyday
Darkness rises once again
And nothing but fear remains
Screamin silence in your ears
But you know they are here
How you cannot explain
Its that felling in your spine
If you try to sneak a peek
Everyone will hear you last shriek
You lay in your cold sweat
You know if you move you are dead


Don´t you dare to watch the shadows at night
They look grotesque monsters on the wall
In the night
Don´t you dare to watch the shadows at ni
They stare at you and maybe take you away
Away tonight

You heart is pouding hard it seems to burst
Inside you know this time its worse
An endless night has just begun
Inside you know this time you are done
No one will understand
No one will comprehend
The nightterrors that you went through
Are no fiction they really killed you

Repeat chorus
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