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The Shit (feat. Mc Ren, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg And Six2)

The D.O.C.

You don't want to see me cause i'm a west side hustler (west coast)
And i'm through with you busters so (yeah)
Give me my snaps cause you owes me, hoes (bring it)
Khakis, pendletons, and romeos, nigga
West coast rat pack
'88 real niggas, all black (come on)
All back in your ass again
And you goddamn right we gon' win

Ren making niggas run and duck
Hands on my balls, with the d.o.c., not giving a fuck
We bad luck, here a dick to suck
Your ho can taste it
With the villain dna when she ready to chase it
I'm on another level than y'all
Niggas dressed up like they pope john paul
It's that new motherfucking formula, y'all
Fuck the dress code, nigga -- come and smash the walls
Posted up, hoes choked up
Dick too big, 'bout to tear they throat up
Ren give a fuck, you asking to get cut
Comp-town started this shit
So nigga, what? we all fucked up
But y'all lucked up; nigga brown nosing
Drop this nigga shit, had a whole flame frozen
Ho game dozing, in it for something
While you all bitches y'all in it for nothing

Do not attempt to adjust your radio
There is nothing wrong
It's a must i get my hands on some dead presidents
Can't be hesitant cause the game goes on

To fuck with ice cube
You gotta shit talk, big talk, crip walk
Bang hard, run yards, flip cars
Cause you fucking with millionaires, big stars
Only clocking a grip will make our dicks hard
I come through when i handle my business
Like a goddamn menace
Niggas think i eat spinach
Cause you need a dentist whenever i finish
It's the grin-ich, with a gang of lieutenants
Connection is the campaign
Niggas trying to run shit, pull a hamstring
I'mma do the damn thang, baby do the damn thang
Ass busting out them pants
I can't stand it, ram it like the animal planet
The kinda nigga that'd take janet for granted
Ice cube got that shit you grew up on
Blew up on, got a lawsuit at home
It's a shark in the swimming pool
Bad news coming through on them 22's
And i'm hunting you out, little kids got to run in the house
I'm dirty like the south, with a gun in your mouth
Click click
Nigga bang bang for that blang blang
Nigga get about insane as saddam hussein
Give a fuck if he got him a gang, he outta my range
Give him shit stains when i get claims, nigga

There it is, all right
There it is my niggas
We going back to the beginning though
For real
But even in the midst of this old school shit
Our young gangstas still bring the pain
Doggy dogg break them off something

Easily i approach
The microphone with a pocket full of dough
The king of the coast
I'm rocking the boat
Stroking your folks
And loc'ing with locs
Baby boy got smoked
Nigga what up, nigga what up
I need cheese, paper, bread, and butter
Nut up and cut up the beef
I got a .44 piece that'll shut up the
My niggas gonna floss to this
My crip'ed out homeboys gon' walk to this
Creep to the spizzot, and stash my knizzot
Then call the dizzoc, you know we got it lizzocked
Pop right back on your monkey ass
Then cop a glock back on your funky ass
Been a long time, i shouldn't have left you
Let's get loot like snoop, nephew
Six deuce

Here we go
Some of this millennium shit from the d.o.c., nigga
And as long as i'm fucking around with niggas like ice cube
Ren the motherfucking villain, snoop dogg
Dre the motherfucking doctor, baby number one stunna, nigga
Jazze pha, nate dogg and the kingpin, x to the motherfucking z
Six2, my motherfucking silverback family, motherfuckers
So as long as i keep making these records, this is what you gon' get
The shit -- take that mother
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