Dirty Denim

The Donnas

You look like you only slept for an hour
You smell like you haven't taken a shower
And your hair is so dirty
It makes you look like you're thirty
Your pants are shung way too low
I see stuff
I don't wanna know
I wonder why you're so moody
Is it cause you got no booty
Baby please you must be outta youe mind
Do I look like I wnat your dirty denim
Listen up I'm only sayin' this one more time
Can you hear me say
I don't want your dirty denim
I hate to say it, but they're all the same
Thnkin everbody knows their name
But how can they break my heart
If I cann't even tell them apart I can tell that you think
I'm impressed
But do you think you're gonna get me undressed
Cause if you do I got bad news I wasn't winkin that was just thebooze
I don't want your,I don't need your
I don't want your, I don't need your
You paid 200 dollars to look like that
You oughta check out the laudromat
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