Leave The Broken Hearts

The Finalist

Another night, another episode
That makes me feel just right
And I can't see through this
Bottle to save my life

I'm lost
There's nowhere to go
And I can't trust you
As far as I throw
This time I realize

The look in your eyes
Won't let me down
Let's leave here, tonight
Let's leave this town
Leave those broken
Hearts behind
I swear it will be right
It will be right this time

The past is gone
So, take those memories
And burn them to the ground
While the opprotunity
Is still around

I pick myself up
Off the street
I never thought it
Would be open to me
Don't ever second guess it

As I take this gun
I knock down these walls
I paint her name in red
With the last words
She said

That girl threw me overboard
As I say: Bring me back again
Oh, lifter of my head
Bring me back
Bring me back, again
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