The Summer (Under The Trees)

The Fire Restart

Nothing can compare to winter rain in the backseat
of a car with the radio low and the top down.
City lights serve as conductors to heat up the
night and your beauty steals the attention of my eyes.
And as you sleep I'll whisper.

I love you a hundred times.
So soft you won't be able to hear.
But if you could would you care?

I never took you here. This is my escape.
This is my dream
and on a perfect day you can see the ocean.
The waves are calm at a moment like this and that's what scares me.

Maybe I'm in love.
Maybe there's no excuses.
Maybe I'm too open.
Maybe I'm just in love with a fantasy.

I want you to know that.
Because of you
I'm heartless and distant from myself.

Do you remember our time spent together?
Long afternoons watching the sunset.
Do you remember our time spent together?
Watching the sunset.

We watch the sun fade into the sea with our love.
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