Girl, You Blow My Mind

The Friday Night Boys

Were out of time, and I don't know what to think about
We've lost control, but you'll never know
Mixed up between one with the other
This girl is too much

There was plenty of time to sit wonder
So this gets harder everytime

Sleep tight girl, were not fine tonight
You got me running around in circles
I thought you wouldn't go
Now I can't deny that
Girl, you blow my mind

Eyes are faking, body is shaking
Never think twice, but it's only a game, now you got me thinking nothing's the same
Now are you listening?
This girl is too much

Cant look over your shoulder
All these nights will get colder
What you want, girl, you dont know
This time you better take it slow

Sleep tight girl were not fine tonight
Youre not Friday night.
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