Bang It

The Frontline

Frontline Frontline Frontline
Bang It!
Frontline Frontline Frontline
I wanna bang It!
Frontline Frontline Frontline
Bang It!

This is it y'all, it y'all
Young Lock from out the Rich y'all
With the spit, I'm fully equipped y'all
When I step through the club, they having a fit y'all
Switch? Shit Naw!
This boy look like he already rich y'all
Good lord, she eyeing me
Moving up next to Left, trying to vibe for me
See Ski with me
See C with me
Plus Bo with me
Come flow with me
When I'm in the 'Sco get low with me
When I'm in the O, baby, come roll with me
Even got folks in the Valley-Joe city
Midwest, Down South, East Coast with me
Before the rap fame, baby, you were so iffy
I ain't tripping, lady, get ghost with me, c'mon

[Chorus/Locksmith] x2
When they play my song in the club, they bang it
See that thing on the floor? I'm gonna bang it
Your girl keep eyeing me, I wanna bang it
She too damn drunk, I probably won't bang it

Left, in the building and I'm feelin' myself
I'm good with the ladies, I don't need no help
White tall tee
Crisp jeans
Force Ones dipped in bleach

Pearly white like some toddler's teeth
Hey, I - am - so - goddamn good
I shouldn't even be allowed to walk around, I'm young
I got O.G. game spilling off my tongue
No, can't - no-body - hold - me - down
Unless his name is Evan E. Loggins and that's my pops
He heard the album 4 months ago and said it's hot
So, I'm just gonna build up fans
Kiss babies and shake hands
And make sho'
Everybody else know
That the West Coast is back, now we ain't playin'

[Chorus] x2

Yes, indeed
Yes, it's me
Left and me
Back with the recipe

Yes, it's I, yes, it's him
Gone awhile, but guess what, we back again
What? you thought we would come back strong as hell
Locked in the studio like jail

But gonna step out tonight, yes, it's on
Got a big couch in back to stretch you on
Can't come back with Lock, unless you grown
Gotta send you back to a separate home

So give me a call on the office phone
E-mail me, put your girl in, it's on


[Fade out/Locksmith]
They bang it
I'm gonna bang it
I wanna bang it
Bang it
They bang it
I'm gonna bang it
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