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La Fol Amour

The Ghost Of Lemora

Was the subject of your blackest dreams?
A slave to your desire?
Just the victim of your darkest schemes?
Fuel my sacrificial pyre.

Your facade has crumbled, you look different now
Hindsight is a cruel and wicked gift
Your mask has slipped, your expression one so proud
Now this creature in my midst

My fantasies that first shocked but then delighted me
Your first against the wall
No sympathy, free of guilt and culpability
upon my sword I had to fall

Now the flash and thunder magnifies my pain
Clearly this world loves you
Paramount are the people who forward your self gain
So easily manipulated by you

your tarot has commanded down this chasm I must fall
My star lies in cold blood.
Your arrogance ever greater, your regard so minuscule
I crave the advent of the flood
I await the flood

You're gone, finally you're gone
No longer will you haunt me
And where your protection had once shone
The truth in all it's harsh light, there for all to see.

Abandoned and discarded, executioners decree
The precious things we spoke of shake like snow
I wonder if you'll get this delicious irony
the twisted mirror imagery, see who's laughing now
D'you see who's laughing now?

I know I'm just a victim of le fol amour
Resigned to repeat that sad refrain
Adrift in this black ocean, so far from any shore
Reluctantly afraid to love again

Your winter has abated, my spring has just begun
My vista so golden and so blue
Your eclipsing presence no longer hides my sun
Enlightenment illuminates my view.

The fickleness of life and the folly of the game
As Desire and Despair walk hand in hand
Pessimist and Optimist, the proud twin's pseudonym
grinning as the dreams begin again

Every silver lining has a cloud
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