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Hello Again

The Gregory Brothers

And as the rain fell
I couldn't quite tell
If those were tear drops in your eyes.
We both thought that this would last,
So how could it end so fast...
We didn't want to say goodbye.

And i know we're so far away
That it's hard to say "hello again"
But it's much harder to pretend
That we're only two old friends
So let's say "hello again..."
Hello again.

I'm still in the same town
But nothing the same now
Though you've only been gone a little while.
I can't seem to help but think
That things shoulda gone differently
'cause we didn't want to say goodbye.


If you can hear me
Please know you're near me
Even when you're so far away
Despite all the world's distractions
And all of the time that's passing
I think of you every single day


All i can do is hope that you'll
Say it too
Hello, hello again.
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