Between Love And Goodbye

The Inertia Kiss

When you weren´t around I was Okay
I use to have time for my friends all day
When you weren´t around I was alright
I need sometime alone tonight
So what will you do if I leave you here alone
How will you feel
If I won't be coming home
Cause I got myself to save
so I might be gone If you call on me tonight

Between love and goodbye
I wont be leaving in the middle this time
Between love and goodbye
I've got a heart of gold you will never find

When you weren't around I was myself
I never had to think of anyone else
When you weren't around I always need
just where my life was going to
So I can create
what we havent seen
But I cant escape
Leaving in a dream
And my fear is at its height
So I might fall far like the stars in heaven tonight


The thought of loosing you tonight
Makes me want to stay and fight
But I cant touch what you believe
Should I leeeeeeeeeaaaave
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