We do It For Fun Pt.8

The Jokers

Numbers Don't Lie
Ana Nether Do I
Milky Way Bars
All Dem Shits Fly
Wow Oh My
Girls Fall From The Sky
Because All This In My Pocket
"Barley and Rye"
Making Love To The Money
Apple Of My Eye
Bitch I Do Numbers
Basketball Wives
You Hear The Track
But All I Hear is Dinner Bells
Fruit Keeps 'Em Comin
So A Nigga's Eating Well
Since you hot
I'm a heat annex
Retarded in this bitch
Birth defects
I be doing these chicks
Like checkers
Jump to and I never go backwards
Money is my outfit
Kush is my fragrance
Bitch I'm in the building
You ain't even part of maintenance
Stainless that my outfit untainted
Money make the meanest girls get acquainted
And they touch and they kiss
My hoes cold
Yo hoes brisk I be murdering this shit
I act a fool that's why my money tall
Like spice girl shoes
Kush got me sweating
Rack for the kill
Never had a deal, independent
My hood in the air, hot engine
Joe pass the blunt like joker gone get em
On that green crack, Tyrone bigoms
Casual today, but I'm a chief for life
Flipping these hoes, u are not ty
I keep some angel soft every time I'm recording
The studio is a bathroom, the booth is my porcelain
Married to the money and we are not divorcing
And if it tries to leave I'll be absent and co-rent
Hit me back I got a show in Vancouver,
U make moves I make maneuvers,
U talk shit and u see that homie hate
But I'll be somewhere trying to find my cake
Look into my brain bet I'm thinking dollar signs
I like large bills u can't change my mind,
Sipping on promethazine to quench my thirst
Your pacific and I'm eastern, so I get o what first
On a paper chase till my shoes worn,
Getting high in this bitch till the roof torn
Cold on a hot track call it lukewarm
Now I'm out this bitch, new born
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