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The Loved Ones

So what once seemed so drastic is now commonplace
And they're driving machines down the lines on our face
There's no shame there's no mercy not even a trace
With our bombs and our pills we think we've made things safe

Maybe we'd be better off with our heads in the sand
And they'd leave us to drown here according to plan
But if this ships going down you'll find me with the band

Because they've pushed us all right to the edge
And we're on the brink
And they've pushed us all right to the edge

They're claiming the answer is kill or be killed
While we're dying of cancer and paying our bills
We just drown in this quagmire of what we've been told
While they're cashing the checks on the faith that we sold

They've got no allegiance to pledge
They've left us out here on this ledge
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