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Boys Will Be Boys

The Majority Rules

Oh no look what we got now
A little baby who's cryin her eyes out
Take that the whackness is on her
Dry heavin believin that she's a goner
And oh look at the boy now
He istn' thinkin before takin his thing out
Can't stop it go to forget her
Ur makin drama ya mamma shoulda done better

Just remember
That's how it is
U don't have to love em
But if u do prepare to forgive

Boys,boys will be boys
They don't ever change
They don't have a chance
Can't help it they can't fight yhe feeling
Boys,boys will be boys
They just wanna play
Play with your toys
Can't help it we're just too appealing

Oh no woman don't be crazy
Just let him keep it all from you baby
A man's gonna do what a man's gonna do now
Don't matter who he's gonna let down
But no don't be shocked cuz
We know they love nothing more having their "gasp"tugged
So now i said it embed it deep in your mind girl
This information is savin the you from the real hurt

Hot blooded man folk
Lookin for somethin to poke
Gotta have it gotta feed
It's a carnal primal need
Sex appeal is everywhere
Pheromones are in the air
Assalicious tittyful
Holdin back ain't natural.

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