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You Miss Me

The Matrix

Everything comes around again
The circus returns to town again
Oh no, oh yeah
Now you are at my door again
Crawling around my floor again, oh yeah

'Cause your love is gone and
You're all alone and you miss me
But you didn't miss me when
I was all alone, you're back 'cause you know
I can't help but love you
I can't help but kiss you
I can't help but let you in
I'm off to the slaughter and off to the lifehole
Right back to where we began

'Cause your love has gone and
You're on your own 'cause you miss me
La la la la la la
You just press rewind, we go back in time

Everything comes around again
What goes up will come down again
Oh no, oh yes
Wearing your old white dress again
Making my head a mess again
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