Nice Things

The Menzingers

The western wall is a jumbo screen
At the gate there is an automatic teller machine
Sir, empty your pockets please before you file through
The king and queen foreclosed on their crowns
While the joker laughed and made his rounds
He was drunk, carrying on self satisfied

The western walls are closing in
Are you happy, sane, are you rich are you thin?
Dreaming their dreams?
Singing songs of another time?
Is your gold so strangely acquired?
Has your name become known and desired?
Have you degenerated?
Are you running out of time?

Do you want nice things?
Sure you do.
Do you call nice things your own?

Do you want them?
Do you want to feel safe?

Climb the wall, before the fall [6x]
(no one is waiting for, nobody's waiting)
(no one is waiting for you)
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