Dancing Lucinda

The Nadas

When she was a young girl
Her mother said 'you and me are the same'
You will grow to be someone powerful,
come inside from the rain

Her daughter'ss laugh was like a mad child,
Knew exactly what mothers say
But in her mind she's chasing butterflys and dreams and hopes,
And taking walks in the rain

Butterfly me away

And I want to be happier this time
Tell me I'm not that way
I want to be happier this time
Take a walk in the rain
Take a walk in the rain

Her body grew to be beautiful,
while her mind it grew insane.
And all this time she only wants to be alone,
and take walks in the rain.
To take a walk in the rain

She's dancing Lucinda,
she's paid her dues now for her fame.
On a dark stage with most of her clothes off,
walking home in the rain.

Walk home now in the rain


The road lies before her,
it streches on like summer days.
The broken hearts they lies as far as the eye can see,
but Lucinda will find a way, to make it home in the rain.

She spends her days now in the garden,
I can see she has pain
She's pulling weeds now so her flowers will grow up tall
Take water when it rains

Walk home now in the rain

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