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Cry Wolf

The Parlor Mob

And I believed you
The reckless hell on my shoulder
Carrying karen's roses
Over the arrow I told her to cry

Cry, cry wolf

And will I see you tomorrow
This indecision that holds you
Baby your blanket for comfort
What kind of wrecks have they sold you

Follow your fear back to no one
Chase your regrets off with alcohol
Reach for reasons you have none
Swallow your, you won't feel a thing

Such a daring disguise
Look me dead in the eyes

And cry, cry wolf
And cry, cry wolf
And cry, cry wolf

When every stare
Has you gasping for air
Won't you tell me why you're here

There's blood in the bag leaking love isn't fair
You can crawl back from where you came
Because I don't hear you the same

So cry cry
So cry cry
So cry, cry wolf
So cry, cry wolf
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