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Dead By Christmas

The piass

Friday is the 13th to 24th
It's not so long to go
Though my face don't show
My temperature it's gettin' too low
I've seen it all in a dream
I know just how it's gonna feel like
Not to be alive anymore

I'll be dead by christmas now anyway
Tell me will you remember me that
Day when you've found a new one
Who's better than I ever was
I'll be dead by christmas now anyway
Please give all my things away
They'll make great christmas presents for you
And for all my friends

It hurts so inside
To see you with another
From the edge of a cloud
Whatever happened to the promises that you gave
Before the angels took me away
So here I'm all dressed in white
While you're drinking up my best red wine
And you don't realize that I'm with you all the time

It's getting so lonely without you
And I'm sure I am jealous too
To see another man in my bed
Be sure I can't get no rest
Before you're up there with me

I've been dead since christmas now anyway
So leave the flowers on my grave
There's sure a way you could join me
Any day around now honey
You'll be dead by christmas now anyway, you'll
Lay beside me in our family grave
We'll be making love eternally
In a spiritual way
We'll be dead by christmas now anyway
We'll sell everything away
Dead by christmas, dead and gone
Christmas is forever we got a life to live
A life after death

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