We Danced Together

The Rakes

We danced together on the roof at the party,
5 stories removed from the trouble on the street
the sun arose revealing goose bumps on your arm
A sign that we should move together somewhere warm.

- we danced together.(repeat...)

We moved to the street where they tried to hold curfew
and ran among the debris as the bullets flew.
Helicopters circled overhead to get a better view
We found a doorway, fell in and I held you.

- we danced together… (repeat...)

Chorus extra 1:
we didnt have no where to go
waiting for the daylight to begin
Singer, save our secular souls
how can u have hope with no God?

extra chorus 2:
we didnt give a shit about what they would say...
and stayed up until the light turned our world/eyes grey.
we caned our money like it was our last day
2 fingers up at those who wont miss us when we pass away
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