Out In The Past

The Rifles

This little town hasn't changed so much, not since the time of night
When we would lie out and talk like we couldn't be touched
Then you'd go away when the morning was
But sure enough well we had to grow up
And there's nothing like a full time job to put out your fire
We were, and wasn't in love but maybe we were happy
Getting carried away

Now that seems so long ago, out the door and down the road
I sometimes think when I'm alone of the times we had and now we don't

Out in the past we were running around that
Sometimes so fast with your foot on the ground
It was sohard to stand you never could tell
That all I saw was you
Every place that you talk about don'tseem so far away
When you rely on yourself and the one you're around
And always believe everything that they say
But little talk isn't always enoughand just cause you're
Still here now doesn't mean you're a liar
We were young and that was enough
And life has a habit of getting in the way
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