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The Rivalry

I'm losing my mind
Have you seen it around
You must've put it somehwere where it cant be found
I know the way you are
You've been taking things from me
So put it back, get me back on track
'Cause if you really love me then you'll let me go
I've got to find my way
Before you set this house ablaze

She makes the world
Hotter than the sun
Just look at her eyes
The lakes and rivers overflown
She will drown us all
She doesnt care anymore
Just look at me
I'm a victim too
I've lost everything
And shes probably slapping her knee
Laughing at me

You're just so typical
So theatrical
The curtains are lowering and i'm walking away
I never wanted a circus
So I think its time to wipe that make-up off your face


Girl, if this was a surprise
In time youll realize
You're the caution tape around my scene
If you want this too be it
I'll make damn sure the next shoe fits
I'm sore

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