The Rivalry

You oughta know by now girl
You make me out to be the sun
A fire under trial all the time
Burning all the bridges to your mind

Put the phone down
There's nothing else to say
You've been sneaking around behind my back
And dont you think that i know what you've done before
The night you told me he touched you
And you didnt want him to
Oh how the tables have turned
And now your food is on my plate
It's too bad i already ate
I already ate


Will you help me now
'cause i'm not proud
I will retire from your liberty
When there's no justice for all ive done
I cant afford another felony
The rope around my neck is getting pretty tight
So let me out or lets say goodnight
And everyone i know will never let me go
And youll be hanging right next to me
Right next to me


And i watch you saturate
In imaginary faith
The key to saving yourself is to cut me loose
So shut your mouth, keep your hands to yourself
And just walk away, walk away

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