Plan 13

The Riverdales

Lucy went out on a date, they parked in Lover's Lane
Makin' out to Dion and the radio broke in
Said a one-armed lunatic was on the loose and Lucy
Feel that dryer spinnin' crazy (?), that's what we
call Plan 13

Wrapped with incest(??), back at Lucy's, under the
street lights
Lucy walked around the car and kissed her man
A bloody hook was hangin' from the handle gleamin',
out of scene
Lucy dropped dead on the spot and that's what we call
Plan 13

Sue was baby-sitting, getting freaky calls all night
The operator said, "We'll trace it, keep him on the
Call came in -- "He's upstairs in the house!" the
operator screamed
Sue ran out, the cops showed up, the kids were dead,
that's Plan 13
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