An Epiphany

The Send

When a world is in your arms
You try to pull it all apart
And keep the pieces not too far

We could wish upon a star
Or dream of kisses in the dark
But then we'd wake to find our hearts

I have whispered in the wind
And tried to force it all to fit
Into a lifeless silhouette

What the tree needs is the wind
And all a child wants is a kiss
To promise them that there's no mystery

We've got the motions down
And we all have the moon and the raining clouds
We need to realize that only love
Will show us what we all are living for

Beyond the moon and endless space
Could there be a final place?
To take us in with saving grace

Of the past that's far from dead
And all the times that I have bled
I've found that hope has always led, and shown me...

I've seen the face of God inside the setting sun
I've awoke in the dark to believe the things I've seen
It's all there
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