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The Strokes

It was all just a dream, oh no
I wish it was real
All my pets they were there and they smiled
Take a shit - it was fine

Everybody's so inviting
They've got it in for me I know
It's not that I don't really love you
It's just that I don't really know
The hateful things you think you want to say Time will turn them into jokes...

Yes, it was all just a dream, oh no
Was it real?
I don't know.
I hope so...

Here we go!
Can I play?
Can I watch?
He would like one more night in your life
I saw worlds they don't stop, they're like us
They go fast like a sun that's been shot

Everybody at the party
shouldn't worry if I'm there
Everybody at the party
shouldn't worry what they wear
Cause today they'll talk about us
and tomorrow they won't care

This whole life is it a dream? I can't tell
I got up, then I waved, then I fell
I recall, you were all there with me;
Overjoyed and in peace
First time around
Second took so long
Third time's a charm
Circle of fourths
Five days to rehearse
Six to make it work
Seven notes in a scale
Eight in some countries
Nine fancy keys
Ten years we've been friends
Eleven seconds to hell
And of course, twelve major chords

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