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Everybody Leaves In The End

The Temper Trap

Do you remember when you were young
Chasing clouds down the rivers
Catching birds in the sun?

You have surrendered life's better hours
In the deep lies your freedom
In the stars is your home

As we gather to see you go
Flowers scatter to let you know

Sons of the mountains cry in the vials
Warm and tender in her arms
So you'll stay though you're gone

As we gather to say goodbye
Until we see your face again
But seasons come you're going soon
Everybody leaves in the end

Do you remember, do you remember?
No one way, no one can ever walk like you again
All the names left behind
Are standing mirrors of your eyes

No one will, not one name
Shall replace the wars that came
Held you tight, we held you tight
Everybody leaves in the end

Do you remember?

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