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Slow Dancin'

The Whites

I could hear a distant sound of music
Ridin' on a breeze through the back door screen
Billy Ray and the band was playin' down at the armory

Mama said when I get the dishes cleaned up
I could run along and have a good time
By the look in her eyes I knew that somethin' was on her mind

She said be careful girl cause I remember how it feels
No need to let your hair down if you wanna kick up your heels

While you're slow dancin' don't lose control
Your heart and soul might get lost
When that slow dancin' music fills the air
Especially beware of the Tennessee Waltz

[ steel ]
Mama never told me much about daddy
Only that he left her alone with me
And some nights I could hear her waltzin' hummin' a melody

Now I see the light in the window
Guess she waited up for the whole night through
Cause in the cold cold light of mornin' everything she said came true

She said be careful girl...
While you're slow dancin' don't lose control...
While you're slow dancin' don't lose control...
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