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Ghost Story

Theatre Of Ice

The stars in the sky
Sparkle in your eyes
Like diamonds they appear
So blue and clear
No beauty could compare
To the moon upon your hair
Like shimmering strands of gold
I long to hold

A million fire flies
Rained down from the sky
Murdered by the dawn
The night was gone
The stars up above
Soon bid farewell my love
And as the morning neared
You dissapeared

One hundred years ago
Beneath a bed of snow
In a grave so deep
I laid to sleep
Now I walk alone
Thru gardens made of stone
In search of a girl
No of this world

As night comes again
And the stars ascend
In the icy blue
I'll wait for you
Together we will be
Neath the starry sea
Bathed in heaven's light
One with the night
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