On my knees i cry
Perceive her spirit saying goodbye
How can i survive
If i lost the reason of my life?
Now i think, "how could this nightmare have started?"
Now the worse came
All of this shouldn't have happened to her,
'cause she was with kane

Hey, wait for awhile!
Well, kane gave her a ride
So how did she get hurt?
I'm going to his house, i will find out
Now, i feel that doubt
Is coming back to my mind
Deep down i sense this envy
He always kept inside him, he fed it!

How could you've thought
I'd forgive what you've done
With my dear jeanne?
Well, i'll not forgive you, damn!
How could you've fed
This envy to cause her such pain and suffering
Now she's dead and you will pay...

I don't realise what you are trying to say to me
With your confused words
So you stay calm... this envy that you say
I feed belongs to yours and not to my mind...

No, don't you lie
I won't stay calm until i find out why she died
Now, there's no doubt
I am sure that i was right for all the time

Kane, i'll make you pay
Now take what you deserve
Don't beg, i hope it hurts
Don't even holler, it doesn't work

No, don't lie to me
'cause now you will get beat
Just like you did to jeanne
I'll go until the end, won't stop it

Can't believe my eyes
Reach this point, how could i?
This scene quenches the flames in my mind
Now i can feel my heart
Even colder than ice
I will have to live with this for all my life

His body, now on the ground
By my feet, lifeless, motionless on the floor
Crimson surrounds me
I feel the blood on my hands
It's not mine, but kane's

Leave his house, i am in despair
And i don't know what to do to withdraw this
From my mind, from my dizzy head
So i take the car, i try to go so fast
The fastest that i can go to leave
That painful scene behind, away from me
I arrive at my building's stairs
I run up through them
My blame won't let me forget

I fall down on my bed
My head starts to reflect
Whether i'm going mad
So now i wonder "am i to blame?"
No, the guilt is kane's
It was his fault, i'm innocent
My deed was consequence
I am upside down, my life is drowning

Again doubtfulness starts to grow in my head
I can see that i can't prove that he was to blame
Was i in the right? was what he said a lie?
Now it's too late, he's dead
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