My God

This Beautiful Republic

(verse 1)
I'm losing contact
Forgetting what is real
Able to touch
But not able to feel
It's easier
To shut out everyone
I'm chasing after
My newest distraction
To escape it all

My God, oh, my God
What have I become?
The self-addicted one
My God, oh, my God
You never failed me
You're what I need

(verse 2)
So often, I'm
the sleeping prayer
More often, I'm
the weeping betrayer
Sometimes I play the martyr,
Become the traitor
The humbled sinner
Has never been a role
I knew to play

A pound of flesh is the debt
Leaving a crippled man
I'll give You all I have left
A straining outstretched hand
Is it enough? Is it enough?
Reach down!
Take me back, take me back!
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