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Learning To Fall

This Beautiful Republic

I've heard it said a million times,
that I should hold on tight to Jesus.
But I took this road so far from home,
and distance came between us.

When I walked away, I knew one day,
I'd need Your grace.

So now you'll find me on my knees,
cause I know that I'm really not so strong.
And now, I'm done fighting for control,
Oh, you can have this life
that I've been holding for so long.
I'm learning to fall.
Let my world crumble.

You ran so fast to rescue me,
while I was barely breathing.
You picked me up, You touched my face,
and I began to see more clearly.

Though I'm such a disgrace, you still forgave.
Your love remains.

Take me as an offering.
I surrender everything.
No more living without You.

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