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Such Simple Words

This Romantic Tragedy

You're a heartbreaker, I should've known this
I give you one more chance, and then you blow it
You're the type of girl who makes it obvious
So please tell me the truth, and let's be honest
Cause your lies are sitting on the tip of your tongue

I left you on your own but I know, I know you can't stay alone
(I should have known)

So let's cut this conversation so I'll find my destination
Cause I'm moving on, so all I know
All I know is coming to an end These words I say, escaping me
I can't take this, I will break this

I'll dig your grave, with the lies you've said and done
So typical, you should've seen this coming
Because it's coming for you Now how will you breathe,
I've taken it all from you, such simple words
Well we will never fall, we'll never fall again

You think you're something special, well you can be replaced
All these words left unspoken, I'll scream them to your face

I'll tear your world apart, and haunt you in your dreams
I'll tear your world apart, and haunt you in your sleep
I'll tear your world apart, and I will haunt forever
Is that all you know how to do, is get on your knees?
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