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    Carl Thomas - I Wish

  2. 2

    Carl Thomas - Don't Kiss Me

  3. 3

    Carl Thomas - Round 2

  4. 4

    Carl Thomas - All You've Given

  5. 5

    Carl Thomas - Daddy's song

  6. 6

    Carl Thomas - Trouble Won't Last (interlude)

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    Carl Thomas - A Promise

  8. 8

    Carl Thomas - All My Life

  9. 9

    Carl Thomas - Anything

  10. 10

    Carl Thomas - Anything Interlude

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    Carl Thomas - But Me

  12. 12

    Carl Thomas - Cadillac Rap Interlude

  13. 13

    Carl Thomas - Can't Believe

  14. 14

    Carl Thomas - Cold, Cold World

  15. 15

    Carl Thomas - Come To Me

  16. 16

    Carl Thomas - Dreamer

  17. 17

    Carl Thomas - Emotional

  18. 18

    Carl Thomas - Emotional (Remix)

  19. 19

    Carl Thomas - Giving You All My Love

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    Carl Thomas - Hey Now

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    Carl Thomas - I'll Be There

  22. 22

    Carl Thomas - I'm Emotional

  23. 23

    Carl Thomas - Intro

  24. 24

    Carl Thomas - It Ain't Fair

  25. 25

    Carl Thomas - Lady Lay Your Body

  26. 26

    Carl Thomas - Let Me Know

  27. 27

    Carl Thomas - Make It Alright

  28. 28

    Carl Thomas - My First Love

  29. 29

    Carl Thomas - My Valentine

  30. 30

    Carl Thomas - Night Is Yours

  31. 31

    Carl Thomas - Rebound

  32. 32

    Carl Thomas - She Is

  33. 33

    Carl Thomas - Somethin' Bout You

  34. 34

    Carl Thomas - Special Lady

  35. 35

    Carl Thomas - Summer Rain

  36. 36

    Carl Thomas - Supastar

  37. 37

    Carl Thomas - The Baby Maker

  38. 38

    Carl Thomas - Woke Up In The Morning

  39. 39

    Carl Thomas - Work It Out

  40. 40

    Carl Thomas - You Ain't Right

Daddy's song

Carl Thomas

yesterday got a page and it said that my daddy died but i couldnt cry we had a fight long time ago by the liqour store said i didnt wanna see your face no more see i know pops was just a man but how you hurt someone you love i dont understand telephone rings and what am i supposed to do ooooh whoooooa

heaven can you hear me father can you help me on my knees and pray'n please come through my world is slowly dyin' and lord im really tryn' its been awhile since i last talked to you mama saidg ver makes mistakes if thatstrue then i really need to see your face so i'll know its gonna be ok (ooook)

I pulled up about five to see my people at my mamas house to see what they was talkin' 'bout i havent seen 'um in a long time (baby are you doin' fine) now its time to tell 'um whats been on my mind who was there to wipe my tears away and who decided not to show up on my weddin' day so ya'll tell me what am i supposed to do i just need to hear from you


livin' in this world aint easy you wanna give up sometimes and even though i got my girl beside me a fathers love is hard to find see every boywants his daddy there fells like his daddy cares feels like his daddy will be there watchin' on his graduation day and be ther to take the pain away


to every daddy that might hear this song see one day you'll look up and your baby be grown yeah you cant get back all the years thats past so while you have the chance you better make it last didnt get the chance to say goodbye and i wish that i could see you one more time and now i gotta keep my mama strong guess you never miss something til' its gone!!


.... gonna be okay okay okay okay
in the midnight hour
late in teh evening
even in teh mornin' time
its gonna be O
said its gonna be alright
sadi it gonna be

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