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Waiting Here For You


Day and night divided
Two worlds torn apart
I'm standing in your shadow
I wonder where you are
This is my confession
This is my heart burning down
Giving out and taking me over

So far away
I don't know where I am
So hard to take
You slipped right thru my hands
With so much left unspoken
I''m broken
I'll be waiting here for you...

There's nothing here to cling to
Nothing more to prove
I'm walking on a wire
With nothing left to lose
If this is where you want me
This is where I'll be
Holding out 'til you come back to me

So far away
I don't know where I am
So hard to take
Knowing that i´m alone again
Trapped inside a moment
I'm frozen
Torn open

Cuz I'm falling, I'm falling, I'm calling out
I need you near me now
Keeping me safe
You can break it or fake it or take it in
I wanna start again
Take me away
Come and take me away...

Ill be waiting here for you...
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